Why now?

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The latest news in Philippine television even in the papers made me to do some mixed reactions. It’s all about the late registrations for citizens who want to vote on the 2010 big election day. Mixed in as a sense that what seems to be the worst that is going on. For several months to a year the Comelec is accepting registrations why some of them troop just now when only few hours are given to comply with the registration…On the part of the comelec you lack time to inform and encourage the people to register,,the commercial add on a certain laundry soap makes more information than that of your registration campaign.



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3 y.o. shoes

It’s been awhile , I was still looking for something that me either had a chance to find out what it is. I walk on the streets, looking for a chance to get into something which can paid me to survive as well as the people in the house till next half of the month. The world is fast changing and it trim down the chances of having a career to get into.I walked several blocks in a day for five days, four weeks and twelve months but it seems like I am jus too aware of the days but never got a chance to find a living. Life can be so threatening when you want to aim for something, your fourteen years in the institution will not assure you to go on with what you want to be, it is not a guarantee to become one and fulfill your dreams. If I will be given a chance to go back 20 years then for about five minutes, it will make a big difference of what I am right now. I am now struggling to face what is coming to me as it takes. My years of being me is getting much faster to reach the time supposed to be of what I want to be. It would be a race of time against the life I am after for.. The world is not as wide as it is for the work I need. There were so many factors to consider nowadays, yourself, economy,climate change,leaders,struggles,inflation,peace and order, technology and even health and social issues.As I woke up everyday to look again into what is really in store for me?I change my clothes out and under but  the shoes I am wearing walks with me everyday for years now. If  my shoes could only utter; he is the only witness for the hardships I take, rain or shine from dusk till dawn, up and down the streets doing his job of cuddling my aching feet for the day.He never complaint for any directions I made just to get into what I want to.Please have more patience and WALK WITH ME.