I never thought of something that would make my birthday such a mess. All I want is happiness and somewhat memorable but life is sometimes so playfull and unfair. If I could say that I just want to be left alone. How inconsiderate the day. Haven’t I’ve done much?..I am just human enough to be left behind. I feel so deeply left in one corner.What day has done for me would definitely make a unforgetable history. I just can’t imagine why such instances happening? I admit I have a hardtime coping. I am in the midst of nowhere, I am so deserted. I don’t think I deserved such pain in me. I feel so down after all these years with all the achievements, success,rewards still I am not complete. Sometimes life is so unfair, I am just showing who am I, and what I am.I want  to live as what life wants me to be.I never had the chance to use my pride and prejudice. Some says it builds up a strong feeling as well as getting them to take a bow. I don’t need to anyone to stoopdown in me.. I just want to be Happy.Why I just can’t get it.Hours from now would be my day but If I had only the chance to skip the date I was born then I would have done it ahead. Why am I having a very slim chance of being happy? I have done nothing to ruin myself in the end. I even give all the time As much as I could.Please life, let me feel what is happy by not been pinned down by the last whom I feel can shed light in my life. Thank you and I DONT LIKE BIRTHDAYS! BIRTHDAY SUCKS!!


~ by blueberry1210 on December 9, 2009.

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