Its Me and Its Me

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I am wondering few months from now. What has life enstore for me?


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I never thought of something that would make my birthday such a mess. All I want is happiness and somewhat memorable but life is sometimes so playfull and unfair. If I could say that I just want to be left alone. How inconsiderate the day. Haven’t I’ve done much?..I am just human enough to be left behind. I feel so deeply left in one corner.What day has done for me would definitely make a unforgetable history. I just can’t imagine why such instances happening? I admit I have a hardtime coping. I am in the midst of nowhere, I am so deserted. I don’t think I deserved such pain in me. I feel so down after all these years with all the achievements, success,rewards still I am not complete. Sometimes life is so unfair, I am just showing who am I, and what I am.I want  to live as what life wants me to be.I never had the chance to use my pride and prejudice. Some says it builds up a strong feeling as well as getting them to take a bow. I don’t need to anyone to stoopdown in me.. I just want to be Happy.Why I just can’t get it.Hours from now would be my day but If I had only the chance to skip the date I was born then I would have done it ahead. Why am I having a very slim chance of being happy? I have done nothing to ruin myself in the end. I even give all the time As much as I could.Please life, let me feel what is happy by not been pinned down by the last whom I feel can shed light in my life. Thank you and I DONT LIKE BIRTHDAYS! BIRTHDAY SUCKS!!


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Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

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MY 1st SONY CD PLAYER (collectors item)

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If GOD is with us, who can be against us?

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Almost all will be against on you. Everyone is bounded to be misunderstood.. Even God has been misundestood by HIs tormentors that lead Him to be nailed on th cross for us.


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cagayan2Here we go again, final examination has just ended and grades will soon be release to find out who will proceed to the next level. STRESS levels shooting ups! and prayers this time are much longer than before. Promises are uttered that ‘ I will study more and more if I pass this semester”.. ows? proved it!! What did you do for the last five months to keep yourself alive? you should have started  to developed more and more positive attitude towards your studies,.  Good luck to all pass or failed! it’s common during finals.